Agastya Gifted Children

May 6, 2017

Bangalore, India

Six Day Training 

June 7 -12, 2016.

 Six Day Training 

  Three Day Workshop 

 Two Day Workshop 

Two Day Residential Workshop 

 Two Day Workshop - Structures of Power

Two Day Workshop Poorna Learning Centre


 Forum Theatre on Violence in Public Spaces


           Two-days Workshops: Muktangan School

  One Day Workshop

Sahabhaga Festival 

  One Day Workshop

Open Session for CCDC facilitated by Tamara Lynne

                             One hour Workshop





                   Vidyranyapura Dignity Foundation


                   Sita School: One-day Workshops




                     First Six day Training (Album 1)



               Members of Dignity Foundation



CMC Vellore Theatre Oppressed Workshop