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How to Join or Leave The Mailing List

To Subscribe 
  • Send an email to "" with "Subscribe GCCS Emails" in the subject.
  • If you are a parent of a current student at GCCS, please list the name(s) and class(es) of your child(s).
  • The moderator (manager) of the mailing list will send a notice to authorize your subscription.
  • You will start receiving GCCS emails.

To Unsubscribe 

Send an email to to unsubscribe.



  • 发信到song.jin2000@gmail.com申请加入学校邮件群。
  • 如果你是学生家长,请在邮件中告知你的孩子的姓名和所在班级。
  • 请耐心等待管理员回复批准加入。


  • 发信到song.jin2000@gmail.com退出学校邮件群。