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新学期开学通知 2016 Fall Semester Opening Day - 本周日 Aug. 21

posted Aug 18, 2016, 11:02 AM by Xiqun Wang
  1. 一楼布置前台,办理新生注册,收费,及发书凭证。请新生于2:00来学校办理。

  2. 二楼布置发新书,我们会按班级名册将已注册缴费的课本整理好。
    已注册缴费的学生 - 请勿个人来领取新书; 上课时由值班家长前来统一领取。

  3. 学生家长到校后,请到大厅就坐。将由各班老师举牌引领各自学生就坐;计划2:00pm进行开学orientation

  4. 开学orientation先由董事长,校长做简短介绍;然后彭玲教务长对本学年教师、教学计划做介绍;最后由家长会长陆纲介绍家长会的重要性和计划。于3:00前结束

  5. orientation后,由各班老师及值班家长带领各自学生回教室上课。请家长按班级到二楼领书

  6. 志愿人员及校委会成员请在楼梯走廊布置黄色安全线;请各班家长帮助在教室内布置安全线,和保护学生安全,维护教室秩序和安全



Our school will be open for the Fall semester of new 2016-2017 school year on the coming Sunday 08/21, how exciting! Please note the following on your 1st day @GCCS:

  1. Front desk will be set up on the 1st floor by the entrance, and we will be processing new student registration starting 2:00PM.
    1. Registration form can be found at
    2. Newly registered student will be given a ticket, with which they will be able to pickup new textbooks
  2. Textbook distribution booth will be set up on the 2nd floor near the storage room. 
    1. pre-registered students: DO NOT come to pick up your textbooks individually; rather the on-duty parents of each classroom will be picking up the books for students who are pre-registered;
    2. newly registered students will pick up their textbooks using the tickets given by fonrtdesk
  3. Upon arrival, we will have all students and parents gathered in common area for an opening orientation, starting at 2:00PM. Students will be sitting by their designated teachers who will be holding corresponding signs
  4. Opening orientation: 1. brief introduction by GCCS chairman of board and principal; 2. Dean Ling Peng will introduce teachers, classes arrangements, and planning for the semester; 3. PTO Chair Lu Gang will introduce our PTO team, mission and planning. Orientation ends before 3:00PM
  5. After orientation, students will be led to their classrooms by their teachers. on-duty Parents please come to booth at 2nd floor to pick up textbooks
  6. Volunteers and council members will set yellow tape in stairways and corridors; parents please help the teachers to maintain safety measure, and sanitary conditions in classrooms

First day it could be alittle slow in processing due to things are happening at the same time. We are asking for alittle patience and kindness. 

We greatly appreciate your help and time! Together we will make it better!


Greater Cincinnati Chinese School