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HOW TO: Rolling Drain Dip Maintenance

CCCMB trail workers spend more time and energy maintaining and constructing Rolling Drain Dips (RDD's) than any other type of trail maintenance. RDD's are used to minimize erosion on trails that were not properly constructed and have proven to be unsustainable. That is, we use RDD's to shed water off of trails which do not have sufficient grade reversals to minimize erosion. Because the vast majority of trails in SLO County require yearly trail work in order to keep them rideable and relatively erosion free, CCCMB volunteers spend most of the fall and winter repairing or installing Rolling Drain Dips. To guarantee the biggest benefit any trail user who wants to help maintain trails needs simply to learn how to construct effective RDD's. 

Note: Rolling Drain Dips were previously called "waterbars" by CCCMB members. Please don't get confused when some crew leaders accidentally refer to RDDs as waterbars (old habits are hard to break!). Additionally, IMBA often uses the term Rolling Grade Dips (RGD). We're all talking about the same thing.