How to Contact Us

CCCMB Board of Directors (elected for 2 year terms)

   President: Connor Culhane -

   Vice President: Christie O'Hara -

   Secretary: Mary Bettencourt -

   Treasurer: Deanna Turner -

   Director at Large: Bill Jenkins -

   Director at Large: Scott Couture -

   Director at Large: Tim Foley -

   Equestrian Representative: Kathy Redden

Related Contact Information

   CCCMB Webster: Gary Bissell -

   CCCMB General Information -

   Eucs Grove Skills Project - FASTA -

   Trail Maps by GEObispo -

   Bell4Bikes Program (Bill's Bells): Bill Jenkins -

   Crew Leader Training Program: Paul Reinhardt - 

CCCMB mailing address
Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers
P.O. Box 1022
San Luis Obispo, California 93406

Membership mailing address
CCCMB Membership
P.O. Box 1022
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Regional Trail Crew Leaders

The people listed below are the main contacts for issues and/or trail work in the following areas.  Feel free to contact them if you have a concern or question about these trails.

    Black Hills (Morro Bay SP): Kelli Schonher -              

    Cerro Alto: Joe O'Donnell -
                     Ron Dexter

    Cerro Cabrillo (Morro Bay SP): 
                     Paul Reinhardt -

    Fernandez: Joe O'Donnell -

    Irish Hills: Bob Nanninga -

    Lake Lopez: Bill Jenkins -

    Montana de Oro: Tim Foley -

    Santa Margarita Lake: Kathy Redden -

    West Cuesta Ridge: Greg Robertson -
      (Elevator / Shooters / Morning Glory / Flow)

    Los Flores Ranch / Orcutt Open Space:  Dan Ardoin -

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