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Panorama View of Oats Peak in Montana de Oro State Park

Our Mission

The mission of Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is to expand the network of sustainable and enjoyable trails in SLO County and to maintain the trails currently in use. Since 1987, we have worked with California State Parks, the National Forest Service, San Luis Obispo City, and San Luis Obispo County in designing and building new trails and maintaining existing ones. 

Help us keep the trails of SLO County open and fun to ride by joining us for trail work. Also, for good karma, be cool with others on the trail: always ride in control and don't run over people, animals or plants.

"Trails aren't BORN - They're designed and built by volunteers - You and I"

Spring/Summer Trail Building Schedule 
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The Latest

Wednesday Morning Trail Work

Currently working on the new "Stenner Flow" Trail
The Wednesday morning trail workers have been busy planning and building a new trail below the Eucs running parallel to the Elevator Trail.  This new trail, designed by Neils Grether as a Poly senior project is being built by CCCMB under his guidance.  It is a bike oriented trail with lots of flow and berms and may be named the Stenner Flow Trail, although that is still up for debate.  It crisscrosses the old road that used to be the downhill bike route coming off of Shooters Trail, before Elevator was built.  
There is still a lot to be done and anyone who wants to join the Wednesday morning work group should meet at the last gate up Stenner Creek Road at 8:30am on Wednesday mornings.
Harvesting dirt to build up a berm

Morro Bay Bike Park Approved
See details and article here

FASTA de Mayo - May 2nd

FREE SHUTTLES from the CBO parking lot in SLO

This weekend is the popular FASTA de Mayo event. It is designed to thank our volunteer trail builders for all their hard work during the year and to introduce new riders to the Eucs Bike Skills Area.  We welcome all of you to come out and experience our latest work as we christen our newest trail.  This event includes FREE SHUTTLE rides from the CBO parking lot in SLO to the parking lot at the top of TV Tower Road.  From there, volunteers will guide the newcomers over the top and down to the Shooters Trail in the Eucs Bike Skills Area. 

What: Free Shuttles to the top of HWY 101 from CCB & CBO Parking lot at 1422 Monterey St.

Where: Riders will load up in the CCB/CBO parking lot and will unload at 101/ TV tower Rd. parking lot

When: 10 AM to 4 PM Saturday May 2nd

Come out and join us for a day for FREE RIDE FUN! 

Montana de Oro State Park - 50th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday - April 25th - 11 to 2pm
This Saturday CCCMB will be part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Event at Montana de Oro State Park.  Educational tables will highlight various park offerings including information about Mountain Biking, Equestrian Use, Hiking and Trail Running.  This is a family event that will be held at Spooner's Cover between 11 and 2pm.  Come out and support all that makes this central coast gem such a special place.

Try Meet Up - For Group Rides & Hikes
Many CCCMB members use the MeetUp social site to arrange hiking and biking groups.  Click the links below to join in on these events.



If you have a MeetUp group that you would like to include on the  CCCMB site, just contact:  webmaster@cccmb.org

Trail Work Day - Saturday, April 11th - Join Us! 
State Trails day, the City of SLO Parks and Rec, and CCCMB are hosting trail work at two different SLO Open Space areas. These will run simultaneously, so pick your preferred location.

Saturday, April 11, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

Islay Hill - meet at the trail head at the end of Sweet Bay Lane. This is a hiking only area, so it might appeal more to people who are primarily hikers, but anyone who loves trails is welcome.

Froom Ranch - meet at the S.E. corner of the Home Depot parking lot. This is a multi-use area, so people who like to hike and people who like to mountain bike will find this to their liking.

Wear rugged clothing, boots (no flip flops), hat, gloves, bring water and snacks. There is always poison oak present,but easily avoided in these areas. Snacks and drinks will be provided after the work day.

 Morro Bay Bike Park Update
There was a good turnout in support of the Morro Bay Bike Park last night, with "more public input than we have had all year on all subjects", said one city counsel member.  A few comments came from neighbors who were "concerned", but they were mild and most people in attendance were in full support.  That general tone seemed to be held by all the counsel members as well.  
Most concerns hovered around possible lighting and shade structures, but those were not discussed further because the original proposal was to have NOT allow and permanent structures on-site.  Others were concerned about porta-potties, parking and a safe way for kids to ride their bikes to the park, including possibility of future crosswalks, signs, etc.
These recommended items and concerns were put back onto the planning members to be addressed at the next meeting.  Stay tuned!

It Was a Great Trail Werks Day

It was a great day.  Beautiful sunrise on Santa Margarita lake,  green grass and oak trees breaking bud and a very nice bunch of volunteers.  What was especially nice was the number of young people who turned out in spite of the fact that it was the Sunday before finals.  It was great to see so many new, young faces.  The weather got warm and people came back from the trail sweaty and dirty.  

Lunch was over the top.  Lots of  tri-tip expertly cooked by Bill and, for the first time since Chris King, very good vegetarian food.  The volunteers made a good dent in the keg.  Everyone was well fed and happy.  Congratulations to CCCMB volunteers, it  couldn't have been better Trail Werks Day!

Raffle Prizes and Sponsors at Trail Werks 2015

There was 31 raffle prize winners. Bill the BBQ chef and Chuck Woodward along with the County Parks Ranger were among the winners

CCMB would like to THANK the raffle sponsors for TrailWerks 2015
  1. Art's Cyclery 
  2. Baywood Cyclery 
  3. Best Bike Zone
  4. Boo Boo Records
  5. Cambria Bicycle Outfitters 
  6. California Rare Fruit Growers
  7. Flanders Bicycle
  8. Foothill Cyclery 
  9. K Man Cycle and Run 
  10. Lezyne
  11. Riding Warehouse 
  12. Running Warehouse 
  13. The Galley
  14. Trinity Cyclery 
  15. Wally's Bike Works 
  16. Wheelie Willy Bikes

Trail Werks 2015 at Santa Margarita Lake

Project: Sapwi Trail Extension
Date: Sunday, March 15th.  (PAST)
Time: 8:00 a.m.
Meet:  White Oak picnic area and boat ramp, Santa Margarita Lake - free admission to the lake for all volunteers.  MAP IS HERE

This trail will go west from the Sapwi primitive boat-in camp on the lakes' north shore and connect with the Blinn Ranch Trail.  This new trail joins the Blinn Ranch Trail across the lake and just east of White Oak Boat Ramp and so we will be boating volunteers across the lake to the work area.  When the workday is done you'll be boated back to White Oak Flats for a BBQ lunch and raffle.

This will be one of the best trails in the county when it is finished.  If you are an equestrian, you know what we're talking about.   And if you've never been to the north shore of Santa Margarita Lake you are in for a beautiful surprise.

There is a lot of work to be done before the Sapwi Extension Trail is finished.  If you are ready to go out and build a new trail, this is the project for you.   

Follow up and pictures coming soon.

West Cuesta Litter Clean-Up Day
When: March 14, Saturday, 9am to 12pm  (PAST)
Where: Meet at the parking area at the top of Stage Couch (just off of Hwy 101 Southbound) - See map here

The Los Padres National Forest, Los Padres Forest Watch, Los Padres Forest Association and Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers are hosting a litter clean-up day on Shooters trail, at the overlook above Shooters, and along TV Tower road.

Please RSVP to Tanner Yould, tanner@LPFW.org, 805-617-4610 ext 3.

SBS@MdO Follow-Up

There was a large turnout on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday for the trail building event at Montana de Oro.  CCCMB sponsors provided breakfast for 145 early risers who braved the morning cold and wind which later transformed into a warm and beautiful day.  After 133 volunteers received raffle prizes, the drawing for the new 2014 Stump Jumper 29er bike was awarded (see article below).  

The crowd, consisting of more than 20 equestrians, many "first-timers" and quite a few young people turned out to help the mountain bikers, hikers and trail runners that rounded out the volunteers.  They divided into a dozen groups and spread out to maintain trails throughout MdO including the Hazard Peak, Barranca, Beebe, East Boundary, and Bloody Nose Trails.

A big THANKS from CCCMB to all who volunteered!

And the Winner Is...

The winner of the 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper 29er was Steve Budke of San Luis Obispo (shown above happily holding up his bounty).  Steve has been a member of CCCMB since December 2014.  The bike was donated by Pedal Power of Santa Maria.  Please give them a "like" on Facebook and a message of thanks whenever you can.


Pismo Preserve Update

Good News – There are approximately 12 miles of new multi-use trails in everyone’s future!  Since September CCCMB has been working closely with Land Conservancy staff, the Wallace Group, equestrians and hikers to develop a trail system, which meets everyone’s needs.  The end result of that collaboration is a plan for a 12-mile network of trails that will be sustainable, fun and safe for all users.  The network has loops of different lengths providing trails for a range of experiences:  short or longer and easy to more difficult.  All with a spectacular view! 

Other News – The L. C. is dedicated to creating a quality project that will serve both the public and the land well.  It takes time do develop plans for two bathrooms, two parking lots, trails and to acquire the necessary Agency approval for those improvements.  Construction takes more time.  It seems likely that the earliest start date for trail construction is sometime this summer.

Montana de Oro Trails Get Upgrades

Volunteers working the Hazard Peak Trail - Montana de Oro

About 40 volunteers turned out between storms last Sunday to perform some badly needed trail work on both Hazard Peak Trail and Oats Peak Trail.  They spent the morning rebuilding worn-down rises and clearing out drains to help prevent erosion ahead this winters upcoming rains (optimistically speaking).  The group consisted of Mountain Bikers, hikers, equestrians and trail runners, who all put in some hard work on these multi-use trails.

Another part of the group took about 15 volunteers about two miles up Oats Peak Trail to rebuild a few of the berms that were broken down.  To help in the effort they even transported some large rocks to reinforce the foundation.

If you would like to help maintain trails in MdO State Park, keep an eye on our calendar for information about our "Super-Bowl Sunday Trail Day".  

--IMBA Trail Care Crew-- 
Trail Building School at Pismo Preserve

CCCMB really appreciates all the 150+ participants who turned out for the Trail Building School at the Pismo Preserve last weekend.  It was a huge success with lots of good feedback from the IMBA team as well as the "new trail builders".

Here are some links from the IMBA Trail Care Crew visit and a few pictures from the weekend:

Blog From the Weekend - IMBA

Photos From the Trail Building School Weekend

Trail Care Crew Facebook Page 

IMBA Facebook Page

160+ Volunteers at 
Trail Werks - Saturday!
6,000'+ of New Trail Built

More than 160 volunteers turned out in the early morning hours
to help build new trails at Trail Werks on Saturday

This year's volunteers collectively created more than 6,000+ ft. of new trail, ate some great breakfast and lunch BBQ food, and took away more than 50 raffle prizes for their efforts.  

A big thanks to the City of SLO, the many sponsors of the event and the organizers for making it happen.  And, a very special THANKS for all those who volunteer their time to help create lasting trails for our community to enjoy.

Recent Trail Workday - East Boundary Trail at MdO

The last trail workday (Sunday, Sept. 21st), was spent widening "The Chutes" near the bottom of East Boundary Trail at MdO.  Volunteers clipped back the brush that has been overtaking the trail during the past year.  A big thank-you to all those who worked Sunday morning, so that everyone who rides the East Boundary Trail can enjoy it even more.

Interesting Stats on "The Trails We Love"

Here is a link to an interesting article about mountain bikers, flow trails and trail etiquette. (8-28-14)

Oats Peak Trail is OPEN to bikers in M.d.O. 

The Oats Peak trail is now open to bikes, hikers and horses in the Montana de Oro State Park.  It is the second highest summit in MDO with both ocean and mountain views.  It offers a 10.8 mile round trip to the peak and back on a trail designed with mountain bikers in mind.  The 5.4 mile gradual ascent gains 1,325 feet of elevation with LOTS of panoramic views.

The old and new trails crisscross, but bike ways are clearly marked.  The last 1/2 mile of the trail has not been improved and it a challenge for bikers with a probably "push" up and a "fun" ride down.  The 360 degree view from the top is spectacular and well worth the push.

Montaña de Oro State Park Map