Our Mission

The mission of Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers (CCCMB) is to expand the network of sustainable and enjoyable trails in SLO County and to maintain the trails currently in use. Since 1987, we have worked with California State Parks, the National Forest Service, San Luis Obispo City, and San Luis Obispo County in designing and building new trails and maintaining existing ones. 

Help us keep the trails of SLO County open and fun to ride by joining us for trail work. Also, for good karma, be cool with others on the trail: always ride in control and don't run over people, animals or plants.

"Trails aren't BORN - They're designed and built by volunteers - You and me!"

TODAY - Wednesday Trail Work

Today's Wednesday Trail crew will be working from Prefumo Canyon Road in Irish Hills, beginning at 8:30 a.m. They will be working on improving trail access for emergency crews and needed Maintenance.  They will also tackle the decommission of an illegal trail and do a bit of brushing. Look for the Ranger Trucks at the Bog Thistle, Mariposa Trail head Parking Lot. Open to all!  Please join us if you can.

Fall/Winter Trail Building Schedule 2016 
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The Latest News...

Mountain bikers may want to avoid MdO this weekend!

CMA Trail Trial & Poker Ride

Saturday/Sunday October 11th-12th

Although CCCMB always advocates "Share the Trail", mountain bikers may encounter an overwhelming number of horses on the Montana de Oro trails this weekend.  When coming into contact with horses on the trail CCCMB recommends "yield, step off the trail, give horses plenty of room", and with the number of horses likely to be on the MdO trails, you may find yourself more off than on the bike.

For more information on this event, see this article at SLOHORSENEWS.NET.

Wednesday Trail Workers on Bishop Peak

Installing a cattle guard part-way up the Bishop Peak Trail

We Last Wednesday's Trail Workers numbered about a dozen and tackled several projects on the lower part of Bishops Peak.  One group installed a "hinged center pole" on the trail just above the Highland Drive parking area.  This center pole will help keep bikes and motorcycles out, while still allowing emergency crews to push a one-wheel gurney up the trail for rescues.  

The other group installed a cattle guard part way up the trail to prevent cattle from wandering up the trail toward the peak (see picture above).  After a couple hours, the two groups were reunited to re-route a short trail that goes from the "lake", and I use that term loosely, to a climbing rock called "The Boulder in the Woods".  They were all done by noon on a very productive morning!  Thanks for all the volunteers that put in some hard work!

Wednesday Trail Workers 

From today's Wednesday Trail Crew, we had 15 volunteers, 7 hikers, 2 trail runners, 2 bikers and 4 rangers braving the heat to work on the Ocean View Trail in Irish Hills. 

I am happy to report we have reached the summit of the trail and it is now open. We will be working on the Ocean View Trail next week to install some signage, clean up a few sections, improve the final destination and hall out many of the tools used to construct the trail. 

The City of SLO encourages people to stop at the view point. Trespassing on adjacent lands is disrespectful to private land owners and could jeopardize future opportunities that may occur in the Irish Hills.

Come out Wednesday, 9/16 if you can to help the City finalize this trail and prepare for the next project. Meet in the Home Depot Parking Lot to the left of the Garden Center at 8:30 a.m.

-Gary Felsman-

Time lapse of Wednesday morning trail crew building a climbing corner (Source: Dan Dixon)

Come out on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 a.m. to help finish up this new multi-use trail. Meet at the Home Depot Parking Lot left of the Garden Center for a ride up the hill. Then, it is a 1.6 mile hike to the work site.  Bring water, snacks, and hiking boots/shoes.  Tools and good company will be provided.

Lighthouse Century Volunteers


This is a request for YOU to volunteer at SLOBC's annual Lighthouse Century fund raiser on Saturday, September 26th. 

SLO Bicycle Club has been a generous supporter of CCCMB of many years.   


As of now, we have a full crew for the Highway 46 Rest Stop, but if anyone wants to volunteer for other fun jobs at a great event, they can contact Will Benedict at williambenedict@me.com.


All century volunteers receive a very cool Ride T-Shirt.
You are invited to the Volunteer Brunch BBQ on Sunday afternoon, September 27th . 
In addition, you are invited to participate in the Pre-Ride
And if your job does not fall on the day of the event, YOU CAN RIDE THE EVENT FOR FREE.
Your reward choices are made when you volunteer. 

Here are some great links that should answer any questions you have:

Thanks for volunteering !
Frank Zika
CCCMB Event Coordinator

New Stenner "Flow Trail" Opens
Flow Trail Video HERE Experience the entire trail from top to bottom!
Opening Ceremony of the Stenner Flow Trail
After months of hard work by a 20+ group of volunteers named the "Wednesday Trail Workers", the new Stenner Flow Trail is now open for business.  The opening ceremony took place last Wednesday as workers were putting the final touches on this new unique mountain bike trail.

This new trail is considered a one-way downhill bike-only trail that starts at the bottom end of "The Eucs", below the Shooters Trail (see the West Cuesta Ridge Trail Map Here).  There are two ways to reach the Flow Trail, the first of which is to ride from the top of Cuesta Grade, down the Shooters Trail, then through the Yewks.  For those coming from San Luis Obispo, ride or drive up Stenner Canyon Rd. to the parking area, then continue all the way up the Elevator Trail to the Eucss.  From the bottom of The Eucs, the Flow Trail takes off to the left, and at the beginning shares parts of the two-way Elevator Trail.  After branching off a third of the way down, it becomes purely a one-way, downhill "flow" trail, with berms, and other features for the intermediate to advanced rider.  

It took the help of many volunteers over several months to complete the Flow Trail

The trail is the brainchild of Neils Grether, an avid mountain biker and member of CCCMB.  During his senior year at Cal Poly, Neils saw the need for this type of trail in our county and decided to make it his senior project.  The full project included design, obtaining all the necessary permits, layout, flagging, and overseeing construction.  The entire project took over a year to complete with lots of help and support along the way.

Neil Grether began the trail as a Cal Poly senior Project

The trail was built over the course of many months by a 
coalition of workers including members of CCCMB, local hiker groups, other volunteers and the generous support of SLO City Parks Department,  

Opening Ceremony Can be see HERE

Video of complete trail coming soon!

Wednesday Morning Trail Work

Currently working on the new "Stenner Flow" Trail
The Wednesday morning trail workers have been busy planning and building a new trail below the Eucs running parallel to the Elevator Trail.  This new trail, designed by Neils Grether as a Poly senior project is being built by CCCMB under his guidance.  It is a bike oriented trail with lots of flow and berms and may be named the Stenner Flow Trail, although that is still up for debate.  It crisscrosses the old road that used to be the downhill bike route coming off of Shooters Trail, before Elevator was built.  
There is still a lot to be done and anyone who wants to join the Wednesday morning work group should meet at the last gate up Stenner Creek Road at 8:30am on Wednesday mornings.
Harvesting dirt to build up a berm

Morro Bay Bike Park Approved
See details and article here