July 2013: An Enhanced First-Year Experience starts now....

posted Jul 26, 2013, 8:33 AM by Brian Merritt   [ updated Jul 26, 2013, 8:36 AM ]
Earlier in summer 2013, in support of the college's Title-III project, the Academic Policy Committee and President's Council approved a new student orientation model for Central Carolina Community College.  A new College Catalog will be released in time for fall 2013 and will include the following change regarding student orientation:

All new students are expected to participate in an orientation process that is intentionally planned and guided by administration, the College Success Center, the Student Services Department, the faculty, and the Student Government Association.  CCCC’s "extended orientation" model consists of: (1) an on-campus orientation will help students make an initial connection to the campus, administration, faculty, students and services, and policies; and (2) ACA “first-year experience” courses designed with a common core curriculum that help to introduce students to more intensive academic and college-related concepts to encourage persistence and college/career success. 
Effective Summer 2013

Summer 2013, New Student Orientation (NSO):
In June and July 2013, our College Success Center team worked collaboratively with academic departments and Student Services to implement an enhanced NSO process.
As of July 26, 300 students had attended an NSO session with over 450 students expected to attend a session by the end of summer.  
The NSO webpage is located at: www.cccc.edu/orientation.

The Extended Orientation Model
Orientation to Central Carolina CC does not stop after the summer months!  Our newly-adopted "extended orientation" model will help to maximize student success during the first semester.

Central Carolina's FYE program is designed to provide support and encouragement to new students at CCCC and help set them on the path to personal and academic success. Deans and department chairs have begun to integrate first-year experience courses (ACA 111, ACA 115, and ACA 122) into the required curriculum for at least 11 academic programs so far. This includes each of the 8 targeted academic programs for the Title-III grant.  The college administration has made the decision to expand ACA into all academic programs by fall 2014.

See more about Central Carolina CC's FYE Program here: www.cccc.edu/csc/first-year/

As of July 26, over 400 students had registered for an ACA course for the upcoming term.  Plans for each ACA course are guided by a common first-year experience curriculum with measurable student learning outcomes.  We are confident that the college, career, and academic planning activities in the ACA courses will with support the Title-III project goal of maximizing student retention, persistence, and graduation rates.

We have less than a month to go before the fall 2013 semester begins!  Our enhanced first-year experience starts now, and we look forward to the positive results that will become more evident in year 2.