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We've pulled this page together to help summarise and give useful links and guidance relating to some of the bigger issues that are currently being discussed by the Community Council. We'd welcome your suggestions for information that can be included on this page. We'll add to the page with further information soon regarding the LGBC ward boundaries consultation, Park of Keir, Airthrey Kerse the LDP MIR etc so watch this space...

Local Government Boundary Commission

posted 17 Sep 2015, 07:56 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 18 Sep 2015, 12:08 ]

The Local Government Boundary Commission are carrying out a review of ward boundaries and have determined that Stirling Council should now have 23 councillors (an increase in one councillor), based on population and levels of deprivation.

A report had been submitted to Council with LGBC proposals to divide the Stirling Council area into seven wards, five 3-member wards and two 4-member wards. Changes to the ward boundaries in Bridge of Allan, Stirling and Dunblane were proposed. The LGBC report proposes that Bridge of Allan be split along Henderson Street with the area to the North of Henderson Street being in a new Dunblane & Bridge of Allan North ward and the area to the South being Cornton & Bridge of Allan South.

You can view the LGBC proposals by following this link

As your Community Council, the LGBC proposals have concerned us greatly so we have welcomed the review of three further options that have been drawn up by Stirling Council

These are as follows:

Option 1 was comprised of five 3-member wards and two 4-member wards. This option retained the current Dunblane and Bridge of Allan ward minus the university area. It created a second 4-member ward (Stirling North) comprising the current Castle ward, the university area and Riverside. There were no significant changes to the other wards.

Option 1 can be viewed using this link

Option 2 was comprised of five 3-member wards and two 4-member wards. Retaining the current Dunblane and Bridge of Allan 4-member ward minus the university area. Creating a second 4-member ward from the current Bannockburn ward, Whins of Milton area, and part of St Ninians. The current Stirling East ward (minus Whins of Milton and part of St Ninians) plus Cambuskenneth, Top of the Town and part of the city centre. Also, the Stirling North ward created from the current Castle ward plus the university area, minus Cambuskenneth, Top of the Town and part of the city centre.

Option 2 can be viewed using this link

Option 3 was comprised of five 4-member wards and one 3-member ward. Retaining the current 3-member Trossachs and Teith Ward. Creating five 4-member wards including Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, and Stirling North outlined in Option 1. Bannockburn Ward outlined in Option 2. Including the 4-member ward Forth and Endrick outlined in the LGBC proposal (existing Forth and Endrick ward plus Cambusbarron). Creating a final 4-member ward (Stirling South) comprising the current Stirling West ward (minus Cambusbarron and west of the M9 motorway) and the current Stirling East ward (minus Riverside, Whins of Milton, and part of St Ninians).

Option 3 can be viewed using this link

Stirling Council had not agreed a preferred option but will consider their position if they receive feedback from the communities. You can make your comments via the LGBC portal here

The proposals are currently in the middle of a 12-week public consultation ending on 22nd October 2015. Following the public consultation period, the Commission had the option of developing revised proposals for wards and may undertake further consultation and local inquiry. The final decision on revision to ward boundaries will lie with the LGBC. The Commission expected to submit its final recommendations to Scottish Ministers by May 2016.

There is an online questionnaire availailable which will only take a minute to fill out. It can be found by following the link here - Online LGBC Questionnaire

Lastly, there will also be a presentation set up at the Bridge of Allan library where you'll be able to study large printouts of the various options and get access to both online and paper copies of the survey to give your feedback.

Thank you


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Park of Keir

posted 17 Sep 2015, 06:25 by Communications TEAM   [ updated 18 Sep 2015, 06:58 ]

The applicant has submitted a substantial revision to the application reducing the number of housing units proposed. The revision has been advertised, consultees have been re-consulted, neighbours notified and all third parties have been informed of the revised submission. There has been a substantial increase in third party comments as a result of this publicity and these comments are still being reviewed, as are the comments of consultees. It is anticipated that the processing of the application will take several weeks before Officers are in a position to put forward a recommendation. 

The determination date has been extended until 14th October 2015 although given that this is only a few weeks away, it is likely that the date will be extended further to allow for consultees to respond, information to be assessed and for a report to be written.

We have been reassured that objections already lodged still stand, but it may be worth submitting a supplementary comment that the reduction of houses has not changed your view on the application (if that is the case of course!)

Useful Links

To access the various documents that have been submitted to Planning follow the link below

Park of Keir Planning Page

You will find a link on that page where you can make your comment. Please note though that you will need to be registered on the SC web portal and logged in to make a comment.

Local Planning Applications

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Should you wish to quickly access Stirling Council's planning portal to search for current Planning Applications then the link below will be of use.

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