Individual Counseling - Provision of counseling for students as needed.
Small Group Counseling - Initiation and facilitation of small group counseling on issues such as divorce, grief, and anger management.
Transitional Services - Assistance for students making transitions from school to school.
New Student Orientation - Assistance to new students and parents upon enrollment.
Permanent Records - Maintenance of student records and test data and assistance in applying for college scholarships.
Testing - Service as a Building Test Coordinator for standardized tests such as the AHSGE and provides interpretation of test data for parents and students.
Building Based Student Support Team - Assistance to the BBSST Committee in the referral process and student placement.
Special Education Services - Participation in multidisciplinary determination committee meetings twice monthly and coordination of special education referrals.
Community Resource Liaison - Maintenance and provision of community resource lists for parents and students.
Program Administration - Maintenance and evaluation of the school counseling program to ensure its effectiveness.

Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program attached below.

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Dec 13, 2013, 11:57 AM