Financial Aid & Scholarships

The West Point High School Guidance Office is pleased to offer assistance to students who desire to apply for college scholarships.  It is important to pay close attention to deadlines and be punctual when submitting transcript requests and applications.  Many universities require that applications be completed by December 1 of the senior year.  This means that students will need recommendation letters, applications, transcripts, resumes, etc. in the mail in November.
As scholarship opportunities arise, students will be notified and given the opportunity to apply.  Please be sure to listen for announcements and check our website frequently for deadlines and new information.  

As a rule of thumb... scholarship applications will be due to the guidance office 2 weeks prior to the college deadline.  This allows time for the applications to be proofed and transcripts to be sent as well.

Financial Aid Process

Applying for college requires applying for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Read more about it at .

Be sure to watch the AnnouncementsNotes from My DeskGuidance Office Calendarand Home pages for information and deadlines on available scholarships.
Popular In-State College Info

For a list of publications and resources for Alabama students seeking a post-secondary education go to KHEAA .

Sources of Aid
FastWeb Scholarship Search                             
FAFSA (Free App. for Federal Student Aid)   
Direct Loans                                                          
Hope/Lifetime Learning Credit                            
City Year                                                                 

College Admissions
FastWeb College Search                                   
FastWeb College Prep Information                  
College prep calendars, helpful articles, etc.           
Information about Financial Aid
U.S. Department of Education                      
FAFSA (Free App. for Federal Student Aid)
Mapping Your Future                                   
Office of Postsecondary Ed.                         
Project Scholarship Scam                              
Student Guide to Federal Aid                      
General Information
Access America for Students                     
Adventures in Education                            
Campus Safety                                              
American Council on Education                
U.S. Department of Education                    
Think College                                                
Trio Programs                                               
College Cost Projector                                
Loan Calculators                                         
Savings Calculators                                    
Choosing a Major/Career
Career Planning                                           
Monster Job Search                                   
America's Career Infonet                           
Bureau of Labor Statistics                         
Occupational Outlook Handbook