West Point High School is a 5-A school located in the rolling hills of northwest Cullman County, Alabama.  Established in its current location in 1918, West Point graduated its first class in 1935.  In 1961, the wood building was torn down to make room for a brick one, part of which was destroyed in a 1996 fire.  The West Point campus now spans four schools: Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High Schools.  At the high school, we pride ourselves in the quality of the education we offer our students and are pleased to be on the leading edge of instructional strategies and educational technology.

Our Beliefs
  • We believe that learning is the most important reason for attending school.
  • We believe that every student can learn if he or she is given an appropriate education that employs a variety of methods.
  • We believe students must be prepared to be good citizens at home, at school, and in their communities.
  • We believe that all teachers and all school personnel must be good role models and must promote high values and ethics.
  • We believe that students should be actively involved in solving problems and in producing quality work.
  • We believe that teachers, parents, and the community must work together for the good of our students.
  • We believe that a safe and physically comfortable environment promotes student learning.
  • We believe that mutual respect, shared responsibility, and positive communication are important aspects of an effective learning environment.
Adopted March 5, 2003
Our Mission

Our mission is to provide maximal opportunities for all students to learn, to develop the potential for becoming positive contributors to society, and to be properly equipped to lead productive and fulfilling lives in a constantly changing and increasingly demanding environment.

Adopted March 19, 2003