Word of the Week - Hubris
Hubris means "exaggerated pride or self-confidence" and comes directly from the Greek word with the same meaning.  Hubris is nearly always used in this context to refer to human ambitions – and not, for example, to the specific actions of the Titanic's crew.

Library Media Specialist:
 Mindy Conquest

Contact Information:
105 High School Road
Vinemont, AL 35179
Phone:  (256) 734-0571
Fax:  (256) 739-8605
Email:  mconquest@ccboe.org

Library Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:45 - 3:15


Want to suggest a new title for the library?  Drop your suggestion into the bucket located at the circulation desk!

Check out the bulletin board with new titles and QR Codes.  Scan the QR Code with your smart device and gain access to entire resource!

Don't forget to check out the book trailers created by journalism students on the VHS website under the Student portal. 


Our Vision 
Students served at Vinemont High School will be able to demonstrate age appropriate information fluency, employ information literacy and technology in a variety of subject areas, use devices independently and relevantly, and are taught and motivated to become independent readers, learners, and thinkers.   

Our Mission
The Vinemont High School Library will be a safe and welcoming place that includes a variety of materials and devices for both student and faculty use.  The library media specialist will work diligently in collaborating with students and faculty / staff in order to promote library resources, based on academic concentrations and personal and diverse needs and interests in both print / digital format.  The library media specialist will also work with faculty and students in order to promote life-long reading, learning, and technology skills.

Adapted from Pittsburgh Public Schools and Marta Village High School in New York.