Language Arts

Course Objectives: Students will improve their grammar, writing, vocabulary, spelling, reading, and organizational skills.  All lessons will be in accordance with the Alabama Course of Study objectives for sixth grade Language Arts.

Daily Materials for Class: Grammar book, pencil or pen, composition book, and a 3-ring binder with paper and dividers.

Grammar: During grammar units classwork/homework will be assigned.  Students who are absent should check with me on the day they return to school to stay current on assignments. 

Writing: Students will be responsible for keeping a journal.  Weekly journal prompts will be displayed on the board.  Students must complete 15 entries per grading period.  Journals will be graded during the 4th week and the 8th week of each 9-week term.

Reading: We will be studying several great literary works this year.  Various genres will be read and reviewed.  During novel units, quizzes will be administered.  The quizzes are designed to keep the students current on reading, to facilitate class discussions, and to assess student comprehension. 

Planners: Student planning sheets will be given out at the beginning of school.  These sheets are to be placed in the front of the 3-ring binders.  Daily assignments/class information will be written on the board for the students to copy onto these sheets.  These planning sheets are designed to help students stay organized.  

Grading and Returning Student Work:  Student grades are based on points received for various quizzes, classwork/homework assignments, tests, and journals.  Graded work will be returned for students to view biweekly.  However, graded work will not be sent home until the end of the 1st semester and the 2nd semester.  Progress reports will be sent out every 4 ½ weeks.


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