Mrs. Uhrig's Kindergarten Class

Vision Statement

The vision of Good Hope Primary School is to build students with strong character and academic foundations for the 21st Center y, create life-long learners and successful leaders.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Godd Hope Primary School is to provide differentiated instruction that addresses students' unique leaning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character; inspiring them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways

Kindergarten is an exciting time in the life of your child.  I am dedicated to creating a positive learning environment for your child so that he/she can succeed and have a life long passion for learning.  I want to have the best possible Kindergarten year that we can have and I want you to be my partner in reaching that goal.Thank you for entrusting me with your precious child. We're going to have fun and enjoy learning together!

The calendar below shows what we will be learning such as letters, sight words, and our stor of the week. You will also find special and important events that will be going on in Mrs. Uhrig's class and at Good Hope Primary.
Mrs. Uhrig's Class Schedule 2014-2015

PE 8:45 - 9:30
Lunch 10:45 - 11:10
Activity 12:25 - 12:55
Snack 1:40 - 2:00

Tuesday -- Library
Wednesday -- Computer
Thursday-- Music