Mrs. Tuggle's Third Grade Class March 13th-17th

We Promote and Encourage Success
Spelling Words

1. useful
2. quietly
3. slowly
4. careful
5. careless
6. quickly
7. useless
8. worthless
9. fearful
10. fearless
11. joyful
12. smarter
13. fastest
14. funniest
15. happiest

Spelling Test Friday

1. wildlife-includes wild animals that live naturally in an area.
2. endangered- something that is in danger of becoming extinct.
3.fascinating- something that attracts people's interest.
4.illegal- something that is against the law.
5.inhabit- to live in or on something.
6.requirement- something that is necessary.
7.respected- to be shown honor or consideration.
8.unaware- when people do not know or realize something.

Reading log dues Thursday!!!!

Important Dates to Remember

March 1- May 25th- Yearbooks on sale. Cost is $38 and $42 if you want your child's name on it.

March 13th-17th Book Fair
March 16th- Reports cards go home
March 27th-31st- Spring Break


Online reading sites

 capstone library

username: westpointelem

password: school

Brain Pop Jr.

User name: WPESCH

password: WARRIORS


Skills  for the week:

Math- Saxon lessons 82-85

Test on multiplication facts 0's-12's Thursday

Language-four types of sentences

Reading-compare and contrast 

Writing- persuasive