Mrs. Tuggle's Third Grade Class May 8th-12th

We Promote and Encourage Success
Spelling Words

1. rocket
2. pocket
3. hold
4. told
5. often
6. grow
7. throne
8. so
9. sew
10. most
11. almost
12. both
13. coach
14. open
15. also

Spelling Test Friday

yanked- to pull something very hard
advice- an opinion offered as a guide to someone
territory- land owned by a state or government
glared- to stare at in an angry way
allowance- money earned from doing chores
litter- disposing of trash inappropriately

Important Dates to Remember

May 11th- All library books are due. End date for Accelerated Reader Awards
May 17th- Kindergarten Registration
May 22nd- 3rd grade field trip to  Aquatic Center
May 23rd- Awards Day @10:30
May 24th-25th- School dismisses at 1:00


Online reading sites

 capstone library

username: westpointelem

password: school

Brain Pop Jr.

User name: WPESCH

password: WARRIORS


Skills  for the week:
Third Grade Angels

Math- Lessons 96-100
Test Thursday

Test on division facts 0's-12's Thursday