In my Classroom...

As education becomes more and more advanced, so does the expectations of the economy. Students are expected to increasingly perform better and better each year on standardized tests until every student functions on grade level. At times this seems near impossible, and quite frankly, it may be. In my eyes every student, no matter the level, has strengths and weaknesses. My belief as an educator is to construct every child's mind to think at his/her fullest potential. Hopefully by hands on learning, integrated technology, and life skills training, each student will leave my class prepared to take responsibility for his/her own education. If I can convince them to look at their education as a project, and they are the supervisor, then I can be the extrinsic motivation that encourages each one to work toward completion. Soon they will discover that education is a project that never ends and will learn to become life long learners. The students in my class are far more important than the lessons I teach.

-Emily Brown

"You have to expect


of yourself before you

can do them.”

~ Michael Jordan