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Welcome!  I am happy to have your child in my classroom.  My webpage is used as a tool for my students to use in class and at home.  Have fun exploring all of the wonderful information I have collected for you.  Be sure to talk to your child often about what we are learning in class. Over the next few week we will  investigate using the Scientific Method.

Mrs. Drake’s
Educational games

Here are the links that I have added so far.

·         Litebrite

·         My Oats 

·         Crayola

·         Flame

·         Drawminos

·         Eye Candy

·         This is Sand  (use the “c” to change colors)

·         Spirograph

·         String Spin

·         Bomomo

…and there’s no cleanup!


·         Amazing Animal WebCams

·         FRABOOM!

·         Flabby Physics

·         Magnetic Poetry

·         Solid Edge Garage

·         San Diego Zoo Kids 

·         Storyline Online

·         Sporcle

·         MathsDuck

·         Origami Club

Just added! (again)

·         10 Awesome Word Games

·         Vocabulary Pinball

·         Math Madness (basketball)

·         Dark Claw (thrilling reading saga - 6 books in all)

·         The Surfing Scientist

·         Give the Dog a Bone (fast paced number game)

·         Cartoon Maker (9 fun choices)

·         Create-a-Card (greeting card creator with a twist or should I say spin)

·         Youngzine (online magazine for students)

·         Poisson Rouge (Red Fish) (amazing site for younger students)

WooHoo!!! (Adding for March) 

·         Read to Me LV

·         lichess Great chess site. Play alone or with a friend.

·         Scrap Coloring

·         Word Whizz 

·         Orisinal

·         Stop Frame Animator

·         Monster School Bus

·         Math Motorway

·         Dr. Seuss Story Maker

·         Flying Skunk Farm Fun and you can really feed the chickens!

Added June

·         TVO Kid’s Games

Free Rice (suggested by reader of KB Konnected)

Jumble Kids

Digging America with Wilson and Ditch

Fetch (fun science games)

Fractured Fairy Tale Creator

A Game A Day

Zoo Borns

Starfall (suggested by reader of KB Konnected)

Lego City Comic Builder

Drawz It




http://www.ala.org/greatsites American Library Association's Great Websites for Kids


http://www.exploratorium.edu   Exploratorium:  The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception


http://www.howstuffworks.com How Stuff Works                                          



http://www.nationalgeographic.com/kids National Geographic for Kids                     


http://pbskids.org PBS Kids


http://www.smithsonianeducation.org/students  Smithsonian Education (for Students)