Mrs. Campbell - Guidance Counselor



Counseling resources available. 
If your middle school student is experiencing difficulties and you would like some available materials or resources call the counselor 256-796-5898 or email at

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                     About the Counselor's Credentials:  Mrs. Campbell has been involved with teaching/guiding children and                        youth since she was 15 years old.  She has been in education for 24+ years.  She has taught every grade level K- 
                   post secondary.  She graduated with a B.S. in Physical Education from Troy University; attended Wallace State
                   Community College in summers for credits: attended Athens State University weekend courses; attended University                       of Alabama in Tuscaloosa for credits to earn Secondary Biology Certification; Earned a Master's Degree from 
                   Alabama University in Biology/Secondary Education; Earned a Master's of Education Degree in School 
                   Counseling from University of West Alabama.
                   Experience: Physical Education Teacher K-8; 2nd grade Science; 7th grade Science; 9-12 Science; Post Secondary
                   Biology 101;K-8 Counselor -- large schools, small schools, City Schools, County Schools, Carbon Hill City Schools,
                   West Point Elementary, West Point High, Holly Pond Elementary, Holly Pond High, Garden City Elementary, 
                   Welti Elementary, J.M. Alexander Middle (Charlotte-Mecklenburg North Carolina), and Holly Pond Middle.
                   Awards:  National Board Certified (Adolescent and Young Adulthood Counseling-2014); RAVE Bronze ( Recognition,
                   Accountability and Verification of Excellence in Counseling 2014); RAVE Silver (2015); RAVE Gold (2016); Who's
                   Who Among American High School Teachers - Biology Teacher (1998, 2002, 2004).                       
                   Best Advice: Never underestimate a moment of your kindness.  It has the power to change lives in ways you may                                              never know.  The power of one, all ways and always. Pay it forward. Giving and Volunteering
                                         --expecting nothing in return.