Scholarship Links

Scholarships are one part of a financial aid package.  
 A scholarship is defined as a grant or payment made to support a student's    
education, awarded on the basis of academic merit or other achievement.

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Following is a listing of various scholarship links to research.  Each link has its own unique requirements and deadlines.  The only way to find scholarship money is to  begin searching. The search should begin early and make a listing of those you feel you will qualify.  

 My recommendation is searching for scholarships should be considered a job. Time and effort should be devoted to browsing the many opportunities available.  It should start with looking into the college opportunities, then to the varied listing you can find on line.  Plenty of people have said there is a lot of scholarship money available, and the only way to find it is to start looking.  As I have worked with  students and parents, we can agree it is either pay now, by spending time to do the research and apply for those you can now, or pay later, by worrying how to pay for the college education.