The Hanceville Elementary Library serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Our program provides materials to support the curricula of the Alabama State Courses of Study in all subjects, as well as picture books, popular fiction series', and high-interest nonfiction. Students, teachers and parents can access our school library's online catalog with the following link:


The objectives of the Hanceville Elementary Library are:

* To provide resources and services to meet the needs of our teachers and students,
* To teach students to locate, assess, and effectively use information,
* To promote an appreciation of literature and reading for pleasure, and
* To encourage independent use of the library and its resources.

Library Use:

Students in grades K-5 have a weekly, 30-minute library class. In addition they may visit the library for open circulation during the school day to exchange their books, work on reports, projects, etc.

Kindergarten students may check out one book per library visit. Other students may check out up to 4 books at a time provided they haven't lost a book and owe no library fines.

Students who have lost a book or books that they haven't paid for are restricted to checking out one book at a time. All students are encouraged to be responsible for caring for and returning their books. Students who lose or damage a book are requested to pay for them.

Materials in the reference section may be used in the library or the classroom. Magazines may be enjoyed in the library. Videos, DVDs, books-on-tape, CD-ROMs and audio-visual equipment are available for check out to teachers only.

Library computers may be used throughout the school day for students to take Accelerated Reader quizzes, search our library catalog, or use the Alabama Virtual Library. In addition, numerous links are on each of the students' desktop computers for use with websites and online activities in all subject areas.  Other computer and internet projects may be pursued at the teacher's request.