Ms. Ray

The Descriptors we use at Clear Creak Amana Middle School for assessing our students are as follows.

  • Exceeds:  Ready for a challenge!

    • I can complete the task without help.

    • I can explain how to do the task in my own words.

    • I can help someone who is struggling with the task.

    • I can explain how it applies to my life.

  • Secure: I got it!

    • I can complete the task without help.

    • I can show that I understand

    • I can find my own mistakes

  • Developing:  I’m getting there!

    • I can complete the task with help or an example in front of me.

    • I may still make a few mistakes

    • I can find my mistakes with help from someone

  • Beginning: I need help!

    • I can follow the task while someone explains it to me.

    • I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.  

    • I cannot figure out how to start.

Art students at Clear Creek Amana Middle School experience 3 different processes for creating art. They produce drawings, paintings and one sculpture project during their art block. The learning goals are designed to cover the expectations for their art education outlined in the Iowa Fine Arts Core and by the National Common Core Art Standards. 

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