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Principle 2: Goals of Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care

Spiritual and Cultural needs

The Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Service provides resources to meet the 
  • spiritual, 
  • religious, 
  • pastoral, 
  • sacramental, and 
  • ritual requirements 
appropriate to the needs, background culture and tradition of its patients, families and staff. 


Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Services are not restricted to those who demonstrate an affiliation with a particular community of faith. Chaplains and Pastoral Care Workers do much of their work with patients, families and staff who have no current religious affiliation with a faith community but who acknowledge their own spiritual needs. 

Committed to Quality of Life

The Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Service aims to have a positive effect on quality of life 
  • during illness,
  • after surgery' 
  • in disability encourages responsiveness to management procedures'
  • in acute illness maximises recovery and rehabilitation,
  • where necessary, builds a capacity in patients and their relatives to prepare for loss and death, and
  • continues to provide appropriate support and services for families following a death.