Email: campusplanning@cca.edu

What’s going to happen to the Oakland campus? Are you closing/selling it?
The future of our Oakland campus is a top priority, and we are exploring a range of options for how we can best use this important part of our legacy for the benefit of CCA and the greater community. Options include alternative uses and partnerships with other mission-aligned organizations.

Does this mean that CCA is eliminating the Oakland-based crafts programs?
There are currently no plans to eliminate any programs. We are excited about the possibility of creating new and improved facilities for all kinds of making, including the traditional crafts such as ceramics, jewelry / metal arts, glass, and textiles. By bringing the academic programs together we hope to create synergies among all our programs in fine arts, crafts, design, architecture, and writing.

When are you moving the academic programs to San Francisco?
We still need to determine how and when this could happen; any significant moves or changes would be years away. Developing affordable student housing in SF will be the first step.

How is the college going to pay for this big move/expansion?
We will explore a number of options for financing, including fundraising. As in the past, no tuition dollars will be used for campus expansion efforts.

San Francisco has become so expensive. How will students be able to afford to live there?
Our planning strategy calls for the development of affordable housing on and near the San Francisco campus.

There have been news reports about artists leaving San Francisco. Why would CCA want to move all its programs there?
For over one hundred years CCA has been a leader in creativity and innovation. With our 2,000 students, 500+ faculty, 200 staff, and 34 programs, we have an opportunity to add tangible value in San Francisco and to lead conversations around the important role of artists and designers in the life of the city and region.

CCA seems to be changing into a school that is very design-focused. Has CCA lost respect for the crafts and fine arts? 

We believe that this move will strengthen our fine arts programs by increasing the opportunities for interdisciplinary work and creating synergies among all our programs. This is also an opportunity to create new, improved, and more environmentally responsible facilities for making of all kinds, including fine arts and crafts disciplines. 

Our goal in our planning is not to reshape CCA's core mission and educational ideology. Rather, we strive to reaffirm our powerful founding legacy in the Arts and Crafts movement, to amplify the college's reputation for diverse practice, and to promote the distinctive educational model that has defined a CCA education for over a century.

The San Francisco campus is so industrial-looking and doesn't have green space like the Oakland campus. CCA's fine arts and crafts programs don't seem to fit in that environment.
In our planning process we will look at the entire San Francisco campus with a completely fresh perspective. We will need to create new spaces, upgrade and change existing facilities, maximize the green space, and create space for community activities. We want to create a campus that will define and lead 21st century art and design education.