At Clean Burn Stove Services, we offer reasonably priced repairs, cleaning, and inspection services for all makes and models of wood, pellet, propane and natural gas stoves.  We are also proud to offer service and installation of Rinnai® water heaters and wall heating units.  In addition we service, clean and repair some makes and models of hot tubs. 


    We are committed to getting the most out of your stove or fireplace and will recommend or supply quality products.  To ensure your equipment operates as it was intended to, we offer instruction with all of our services.

We sell Rinnai® Hot water heaters, Rinnai® wall heaters, Shop heaters and some makes and models of Fireplaces. 


We are a locally veteran owned, small business, licensed and insured in Missoula, Montana, we provided services within a 70 mile radius. 

Annual Service/Maintenance 

    Gas stoves are very popular these days, and for good reason! They are cozy warm, create ambiance, and best of all, there’s no mess, and no buying or chopping of wood. 

    But it’s important to remember that, just like a furnace, gas stoves need annual maintenance to keep them working, keep you warm, and keep those toxic combustion gases headed in the right direction (out of your house)! Have you ever wondered what exactly needs to be serviced on a gas stove, how often, and why?

Is annual maintenance important for your gas stove or insert?

    There are quite a few parts involved in a gas unit. Every part should be removed, inspected, and cleaned annually. Why? Because the combustion process of the gasses should be smooth and clear to create the most heat, cleanest burn, and healthiest system for your indoor air quality. If the parts are not regularly cleaned, they can get clogged or build up moisture, which can lead to ineffective heat, corrosion, and the release of excessive carbon monoxide (which I’m sure you know, is not something to be messed with).In addition, the aesthetic of your gas stove (which is one of the most important features for most people) can only be maintained by cleaning the glass on a regular basis. Looking at all of these elements, I’d conclude that yes, annual gas fireplace maintenance is very important and Is recommended by all gas stove manufactures.

What exactly needs to be done annually?

    Just like furnace maintenance, gas stove and insert maintenance has a long checklist that should be diligently followed by your technician. They should be able to quickly rattle off or give you a printed list of all the items they will be inspecting and cleaning. Here is a great reference of the minimum to look for when your technician visits:

Remove and clean:

    The glass, the logs, the burner, the pilot hood, the pilot orifice, thermocouple, thermopile, spark igniter, flame sensor, and firebox. The blower fan should also be cleaned.


    Millivolt output of thermopile and thermocouple, resistance through switch, thermostat and remote circuits. Also, electrical wiring connections should be inspected and loose wires tightened.

Replace batteries:

In remote, receiver, thermostat, and ignition control.


    Glass trim and other penetrations for proper sealing as well as the gas fittings for leaks. Very important is checking the operation and measuring the carbon monoxide in the leaving space to make sure the very toxic gas is at healthy levels.

Replace :

Replace ember material, parts and gasket as needed. 

Could the homeowner do all of this themselves? What should it cost for servicing?

    The glass on the fireplace often times needs to be cleaned more than once per year, especially if it’s your main source of heat. Major buildup of the minerals produced by combustion can cause permanent clouding if the glass is not cleaned regularly. But some units can be tricky to get into. Give your stove service contractor a call if in doubt.

    For the rest of the gas stove or insert maintenance, homeowner could in fact do all of these things, but only if they know how to perform all or most of the items on the list above. If, however, you don’t feel comfortable performing an annual service on your gas stove, which is a fairly complex process, you can expect to pay between $120-$175 a year for your technician to service your gas fireplace, giving you near-absolute peace of mind.

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