UV Radical Rampage

In collaboration with OHSU and the Let's Get Healthy Festival we have developed a What’s the Chance? (WTC) Cancer Station, a series of hands-on and game-based health fair exhibits that engage students in activities related to skin health and cancer risk and prevention. The goal of the WTC stations is to improve our understanding of adolescent behavior and perception related to skin cancer and skin cancer risk factors and positively impact student beliefs, knowledge, and self-efficacy toward identifying and making cancer risk reduction changes in their own lives.

One of the activities that was created for the station is the UV Radical Ray Rampage video game. UV Radical Ray Rampage is a serious game designed to entertain, engage, and impact students’ awareness of the dangers of UV radiation and how to protect themselves so future risk of skin cancer is reduced.

Learning goals:
  • Understand basic relationship between sun, tanning beds and UV and UV, skin damage and skin cancer.
  • Understand that skin damage is preventable by minimizing exposure via avoidance, clothes and sunscreen.
  • Gain a basic understanding of UV dose and damage dependency

UV Radical Ray Rampage is a action-platform video game that promotes the ‘health’ and risk-to-future-appearance (vanity) by re-enforcing the negative impact of sun exposure and what can be done to prevent it, all in an immersive arcade like experience.

Matt Steinwachs - Lead Game Programmer & Hope Jones, Ph.D - Lead Project 
Coordinator, Designer, Producer, and Writer.


Setting: Inside tanning salon.

Player must collect UV protection items while dodging, climbing, and shooting UV attacks from tanning booths and tanning zombies.


Setting: Outside mall, bright and sunny day.

Players must maintain health levels by finding shade, using trees and power-ups to prevent damage by the sun.



Setting: Snowy mountains.

The player is flanked by snow in all directions which reflect and intensify the UV damage. For the player to succeed in defeating the Sun-boss and win the game, they must determine how to reduce the Sun's strength.

Great player engagement at the 2012 CBST Retreat in Tahoe, CA.

Winner of the 2012 Serious Play silver medal

For more information regarding UV Radical Ray Rampage please contact:

Hope Jones, Ph.D.
Project Developer & Manager
University of California, Davis
Center for BioPhotonics Science and Technology