Good citizens - values & actions                                                           "Would you do that in the real world?"
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Circle Time Activities Term 4

good citizen thinks, speaks and acts in ways that reflect our shared values. 

Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important. New Zealand schools value:

  • excellence                                     by aiming high and by persevering in the face of difficulties
  • innovation, inquiry, curiosity      by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively
  • diversity                                        as found in our different cultures, languages, and heritages
  • equity                                             through fairness and social justice
  • community and participation      for the common good
  • ecological sustainability              which includes care for the environment
  • integrity                                         being honest, responsible, and accountable and acting ethically
  • respect                                          for self, others, and human rights.
The technical & social skills needed to 'live these values' & to be a good citizen are the 4Cs: Digital technologies can help develop these skills. However, it's important to be safe & responsible online. 

Cybersafety at Campbells Bay School has 3 parts; Look after self, others & property:

Look after yourself

1. Online identity          choose usernames that are respectful.

2. Privacy settings        use settings so only people I know can see my personal information.

3. Sharing online          only post information & photos that are appropriate.

4. Involve adults          discuss both good & bad online experiences with parents & teachers.

5. Report bad feelings tell teacher or parent if something online makes you feel uncomfortable

6. Visiting websites       go only to websites that you'd show a teacher or parent.

Look after others

7. Chatting online          only post kind messages.

8. Report bullying          tell a teacher or parent if an online conversation is unkind

9. Others’ privacy          keep out of others' online spaces and don't copy their pictures.

Look after property

10. Download & share get permission to download or share music, movies & games.

11. Searching online check information is correct before using it.

12. Online spaces        don't delete or change others' sites or information.


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