Crescent Beach

Surrey's beach... Everyone's foreshore.

"The future lives here!"

Crescent Beach - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Wedged between Boundary Bay and the BNSF railway, Crescent Beach hosts a handful of restaurants, hundreds of residents, thousands of visitors, and millions of birds and shellfish.  A mile of beach is repeatedly covered and exposed in a shallow tidal basin that creates a playground for families, and a seafood buffet for herons and eagles. Surrounding the beach are breathtaking vistas of the Gulf Islands, Point Roberts, Vancouver Island, and the North Shore & Eastern mountains of Cypress, Grouse, and Golden Ears. 

Fresh water from the Nicomekl and Serpentine rivers are navigated by salmon, and create a wetland habitat for over 200 species of birds at Blackie Spit Park. Paddle boarders, kite surfers, and kayakers, share the naturally protected bay with pleasure craft and commercial crabbing boats. Heritage homes line the beach with unhurried mid-century charm, while strollers, bicycles, and pedestrians drift past, along the mile-long foreshore promenade.  


The Crescent Beach Property Owners Association (CBPOA) are proud to share a unique and relaxed west coast seascape and cultural experienceThe City of Surrey works hard with our community to balance natural beauty and old-world charm with the evolving needs of our many visitors. Pack your kids, kites, boards, and baskets, and bring an appetite for food, festivals, and fresh air.

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