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Similarities and Differences Between Buddhism and Hinduism

These are some religious similarities and differences between Hinduism and Buddhism



Both believe in Samsara and Karma

Hinduism is not founded by a particular person, but Buddhism is founded by the Buddha

Both believe desire is the root cause of suffering

Hinduism follows vedas (Hindu Scripture) while Buddhism does not

Both emphasize compassion and peace to all living beings (no violence to humans and animals)

Buddhism does not believe Hindu gods are as powerful as Buddha (They do not look up to them as they do Buddha)

Both believe in several heavens and hells (layers of heavens and hells)

Buddhists think the goal in life is overcoming sorrow. Hindus think there are four goals- Kama, Dharma, artha, and moksha

Both believe in multiple gods and dietes

Both believe in the spiritual practices of meditation, concentration, and cultivation of certain states of mind.

Both believe in detatchment, (leaving outside world) and rethink past life to enter spiritual life.

Both religions started in India