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How It Started

The Greeks started the Olympics in 776 B.C. as a festival that has become a tradition that still happens today. We thank the Greeks for creating and holding the tradition of the Olympics. The Olympics was a huge festival for the father of the gods, Zeus. One tradition that they held was that on the fifth day of the Olympics all of the winners got a wreath around their head made out of olive branches (Zeus’s favorite plant). Continuing the olive branch tradition, olives were a sign of respect. This is how the Greeks started the Olympics and many other traditions

   The ancient Greeks probably had no idea that the Olympics would be this famous as it is today. The Greeks started the Olympics probably thinking that this tradition wouldn’t last that long. Also, the ancient Greeks probably thought that this competition was just for the Greeks so they could entertain people. But now that not only the Greeks watch it is world wide which means everyone can compete and watch. The Olympics was and is still famous.

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All of the winners got olive wreathes.,r:17,s:61,i:324

The Olympics took place in Olympia in a arena/stadium.,r:2,s:79,i:335

This is the Olympic sign.