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First There Were Eight

posted Mar 14, 2012, 6:22 AM by
Allie Townsend
To be able to have an activity in school, there has to be people interested in it. If people are not interested in that particular activity, the activity slowly becomes extinct.
    In every club, the numbers of students are cyclical. It varies from students interest with what is supplied by the school.

This fact is the cause of many great clubs and activities downfalls. Some clubs and activities that are effected by small numbers at Thomas Jefferson High School are boys and girls golf, the chess team, boys and girls swim, and even the school newspaper.

    Lack of students in clubs and activities may be because people just do not know about them, or they do not know where to go to sign up for the specific activities or clubs.
    Any student can sign up for a club or activity in the main office or by talking with the teacher in charge of it. Activities that are classes can be signed up for in the counseling center.
    Clubs and activities require some kind of commitment. This means that the student involved needs to be willing to do the work and meet deadlines.

Deadlines in any class are important. Sometimes deadlines are met and other times they are missed. The same is with this newspaper staff. Even with eight people working hard to get stories done, it was barely printed on time. Now with the third trimester underway, there are only two students left in the course.  

The newspaper only publishes and prints once a month. The finished paper, a front and back 17 x 11, is supposed to be handed out around the first of each month. This class, and many others, could very well end within the next few years if students do not choose to get involved.

    Regardless of that, this article was written as a reminder to keep students involved in school activities, not as a plea for more people to join. This was also written to raise awareness of the fact that if students do not participate activities, such as the newspaper, will cease to exist.