Abraham Lincoln High School's College Planning Program is designed to nurture student's ambitions and dreams through education, support, and the development of a plan for life after high school graduation.  The college planning program focuses on helping students and families successfully navigate the college admissions process. 

Student Spotlight: 

College enrollment rates for ALHS graduates increased for the fourth year in a row.   ALHS has met the National Student Clearinghouse college enrollment benchmark and the district's improvement benchmark.  Our graduates are enrolling in college at higher rates year after year.

The 2015 graduates e Upcoming Events:

Senior Important Dates: Please refer to the Senior Calendar for information about upcoming senior events.  If you don’t have  access to this calendar please email the Senior Class Sponsor, Mr. Nelson at jnelson@cbcsd.org.  The calendar is also located on the Naviance Student homepage.

Senior Interviews:  Seniors and their parents should schedule  Senior interview appointments.  Contact Ms. Rangel at lrangel@cbcsd.org to schedule your appointment.

College Applications: If you are college bound, make sure you have completed college applications.  Help is available in the Counseling Center and TAG room. Application fee waivers/deferments are available to those that qualify.  If you are approved for an application fee waiver/deferment, you may also qualify for deposit and acceptance fee waiver/deferment.  See Ms. Rangel or Mrs. Steinmetz if you have questions.

FAFSA Application HELP:  If you are college bound, make sure you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Colleges utilize information gathered on the FAFSA and supplemental materials to develop financial aid packages.  Financial Aid is funding provided in the form of grants, loans, scholarships, or paid employment for the purpose of paying for college.  Help completing the FAFSA is available at ALHS on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Please contact Mona Kowal at 712-328-6484 to schedule your help appointment. 

 Scholarship Applications:

As you work on college admission applications, don’t forget to research and complete scholarship applications. For more information refer to Mrs. Steinmtez’ Google classroom, and the Scholarship tab found on this website and Naviance.  If you don’t have access to the google classroom, contact Mrs. Steinmetz at ssteinmetz@cbcsd.org .

Requesting Transcripts:

As part of the college application process you will need to request that your ALHS transcript be sent to the college(s) you are applying to. Submit a  transcript request by clicking the transcript tab on this website and complete the google form.  If you have difficulty accessing this tab, please email Ms. Rangel at  lrangel@cbcsd.org.



College Planning Staff: 

RANGEL, LARELLA M photo                                           Senior and College Counselor: 
                                           Larella Rangel, lrangel@cbcsd.org                                                    (712)328-6484 

                                              Talented and Gifted (TAG) Strategist: 
                   Sarah Steinmetz, ssteinmetz@cbcsd.org