Welcome to the Thomas Jefferson High School Post-Secondary Planning website.  It is our goal to create a resource to help you and your family as you continue to plan for your future.  We have come to know that there is so much to do during the course of your high school career, regardless of your post-secondary plan.  Starting early is the best way to reduce the anxiety and stress that tend to manifest in the senior year. 
    Although this website is not all inclusive, it does provide some assistance as you tread into the game of post-secondary planning. We are hoping that you will come to know the rules of the game, the plays and the players, the equipment and location, and the statistics.  You are fortunate to have a great deal of post-secondary coaches in your life.  I encourage you to talk to teachers, counselors, administrators, athletic coaches, graduation coaches, and parents as you work through this process. We are all here to help you WIN the game by reaching your post-secondary goals and achieving all that you hoped. Please let us know how we can help you through this process.
  If we have any alerts or reminders, they will be posted on the HOME page.
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 Attention Seniors:  
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