Parent PowerSchool Viewer (Grades & Attendance)

How to Create a Parent Account
Open your Web browser to:
Click CREATE ACCOUNT (bottom of window).  The Create Parent Account page ppears.
Use the following Information to Create Parent Account section:
  • First Name -  Enter you first name
  • Last Name - Enter you last name
  • Email - Enter your email address. 
  • Desired Username - Enter the username you would like to use when signing in to the PowerSchool Parent portal.  The user name must be unique. If you enter a user name that is already in use, you will be prompted to select or enter another user name.  User names are case sensitive.
  • Password - Enter the password you would like to use when signing in to the PowerSchool Parent portal.  Passwords are case sensitive.
Use the following to enter information to Link Students to the Parent Account: 
  • Student Name - Enter the first and last name of the student you want to add to your account.
  • Access ID - Enter the unique access ID for the student -  student first name initial, lastname,                                            last 3 digits of student ID #,   then add a 'g' to the end (guardian)

          Example:  jdoe456g    (John Doe,   Student ID:  123456)   The access ID and Password are case sensitive.

  • Access Password - Enter the unique access password for the student.  Your student's 6 digit ID number. 
  •   Example:  123456  
  • Relationship - Indicate how you are related to the student by choosing the appropriate association from the pop-up menu.
  • Click Enter:  You will be taken back to the Login Schreen.  Enter the USERID you picked for yourself, and the password you picked for yourself.  You now have access to your student's records.
TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD:  Select Account Preferences. 
You can link to additional student account on the students tab. 
Instructions :
  • To view the details of the assignments, click on the T1, T2 or T3 grade.
  • Set up an automatic email to you when an update is made.
T1 = Trimester Final Grade
P1 = Performance Grade
R1 = Practice Grade
W1 = work 70/30 of P1 and R1   OR    work 90/10 of P1 and R1
E1 = Semester Exam Grade