6me Année

This year, the grade 6 class will be learning two stories from the AIM Curriculum. The goal of these stories is to help students memorize high-frequency words in context. In class, we will incorporate lots of activities that put these phrases into real-world contexts.

During the first part of the year, students will learn a play called Boucles Violettes (a funny adaptation of Goldilocks). 

Flashcards & Videos

Boucles Violettes Vocab List 1: https://quizlet.com/_411qx3

Boucles Violettes play: 

Boucles Violettes

Through the play and class activities, they will learn:
- Greetings
- how to describe houses (e.g. rooms, furniture, location)
- how to describe people (e.g. physical description of hair, height, eye colour, etc.)
- how to follow recipes and compare foods (e.g. pizza, cookies, soup)
- giving their opinion (e.g. about foods, hobbies, etc.)
- about Acadian culture

 Greetings, describing houses, hobbies & interests, opinions, food/restaurants, describing people, Voyageur festival, Acadian culture, Boucles Violettes, and Veux-tu Aller au Carnaval?

During the second semester, students will learn a play called Veux-tu Aller au Carnaval?, which incorporates a lot of commonly used verbs and adjectives. 

Through the play and class activities, students will learn: 
- to talk about clothes
- to describe hobbies and interests
- common expressions
- to describe people's personalities
- to order food in a restaurant
- to create a menu
- about francophone festivals throughout Canada, including the Carnaval in Québec, the Voyageur Festival in Manitoba, and the Acadian Festival in New Brunswick.