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Scheduling Philosophy Statement

At the varsity level, a member school should expect to receive at least 75% of its regular season schedule through the OHSL Scheduling process.  The goal for our overall schedules is to be comprised of 50% games that count as league games (games that determine the divisional championship), 25% of games vs. OHSL member schools that don't count towards the league title (considered non-league games for sectional qualification), and 25% vs. schools that are not OHSL members (also considered non-league games).  The 25% games set up by the OHSL between member schools not counting towards the league championship should be played unless both schools mutually agree to drop the contest to make room in their schedules for other games.  Extra match-ups between OHSL Member Schools for games not counting as league games will be based on past program success and could be between schools of different sectional classification. 

It is not an expectation that a member school will receive 100% of its regular season game schedule through the OHSL; member schools may need to find non-league games against non-OHSL schools to complete its schedule; the process of finding non-league games, outside the OHSL, happens independently from the OHSL Scheduling processes.  Any school program that wants 75% of its games generated by its membership in the OHSL will be accommodated.

Special Circumstance Notes for Varsity: 

If all schools in the OHSL in a specific sport are content with their OHSL produced schedule, and some member schools received less than 75% of its games by choice, these schools are allowed to search for more games outside the confines of the league.  However, if there are member schools still seeking games to reach 75% of their games scheduled, member schools, with less than 75% scheduled, will be asked to give games to those schools.  If schools with available contests do not volunteer games, the pool of eligible schools can be drawn at random until all the schools needing their minimum number of games have been scheduled.  Member schools with similar competitive traditions are asked to try and volunteer "non-league" games as to avoid randomly assigned mismatches.  

At the junior varsity level, a member school should expect to receive at least 75% of its season schedule through the OHSL Scheduling process (often the OHSL attempts to maximize a JV schedule through league procedures).  Often, the OHSL hopes a JV schedule will mimic the varsity schedule or match another game schedule in a similar sport to save on travel expenditures.  For example, Varsity and JV Basketball Schedules match to the maximum extent possible.  Also for example, the league matches schedules for JV Baseball and JV Softball, and Varsity Baseball and Varsity Softball, to save on travel.  Some situations do not allow for matching schedules.  
When member schools sponsor a specific sport at the varsity level, but not at the JV level, this could create a situation where the league needs to align a JV group with a "cross-conference" schedule alignment for the other schools who sponsor both JV and Varsity.  In instances when a conference is short member schools sponsoring JV, the next conference up in class size will need to alter its conventional alignments or scheduling plan to accommodate the JV programming for the conference short on participants.  At the junior varsity level, a member school should expect to receive at least 75% of its season schedule through the OHSL Scheduling process.