High School Options

CESD High School Options Information
Cayucos Elementary School District Board is exploring a number of options that it might support to improve the options available for students of high school age residing in Cayucos. Information on some of the options is presented below. A more comprehensive discussion of the options will take place at a Special Board Meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 6 PM in the Cayucos Elementary School gymnasium.

High School age students residing in Cayucos are required by state law to attend CUHS unless alternative arrangements have been made. The most common alternatives are interdistrict transfers, attendance at a state certified private or charter school and home schooling.

In the recent past, many Cayucos high school students have requested and received interdistrict transfers from CUHS to MBHS. The current arrangement between CUHS and MBHS does not provide any compensation to MBHS for educating those students. There is concern that the closing of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant may result in a loss of funds to San Luis Coastal Unified School District (SLCUSD) which will cause SLCUSD to reevaluate their policy of educating Cayucos high schools students without receiving any compensation.

It is possible that a permanent solution to the problem will involve a reorganization of the CESD into some other form of school district.

This page will provide information to stakeholders to help them understand the many facets of this issue. 

Unless otherwise noted, documents posted here do not reflect, and have not been adopted by CESD as part of an official position. The documents posted here have content which may be of interest to stakeholders and help them to understand and consider the major issues that are in play in any reorganization.

High School Options Documents