Board of Trustees

Monthly Board Meeting of the Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees meet on the second Wednesday of each month. See the calendar below for exact dates.

Once posted, the agenda can be accessed by clicking on the link to AGENDA ONLINE.

Use Gamut Online to access current Board policy.

Small School Districts' Association
Cayucos Elementary School District is a member of the Small School Districts' Association
Mission Statement
The mission of the Small School Districts’ Association is to provide relevant information and proactive assistance to small school district governing boards and superintendents through legislative advocacy, collaboration, professional development, and support services.

California School Boards Association

The Cayucos Elementary School District follows the basic guidelines of the California School Boards Association.

Boards of education are entrusted by their diverse communities to ensure that a high quality education is provided to each student. CSBA promotes success for all students by defining and driving the public education agenda and strengthening school board governance at the district and county levels. To achieve this mission, CSBA will be the leader in providing:

Teacher Credentialling
All teachers at Cayucos Elementary are fully credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
The purpose of the Commission is to ensure integrity and high quality in the preparation, conduct and professional growth of the educators who serve California's public schools. Its work shall reflect both statutory mandates that govern the Commission and research on professional practices.