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    This is the website for Grade 11 English. Here you will find the details and the supplemental material that you will need to be successful in English at CIS. Simply by clicking on the Navigation Pane to the left you can quickly find the unit that we are working on and get the files that you need.  You will also find the syllabus and pages on the overall assessments in this program. There will be rubrics for individual unit assessments in the file section on those unit pages. Non-IB students will have modified assignments with less-rigorous assessment rubrics. Details of assignments can be found at the 2018 ENG 11 Google Classroom site
        It is my intention at CIS to encourage all students to become self-motivated learners who experience the joy of exploration and discovery that is the true hallmark of education. I do not expect you all to hold the same views, and I certainly do not expect you to simply memorize what I teach. I promote an interactive and inquiry oriented classroom. The intention of this website is to encourage you to explore and discover for yourself and take responsibility for the development of your own education as you move towards university. I am here to guide and promote that development, and this website will help. 
        The units that you see in the Navigation Pane are in the order they will be presented in class. We will seek to cover the first four units between the beginning of the year in August, and the mid-point at the end of January. The next three units, plus the Written Assignment, a 1500 word essay that will be the summative project of the year, will occupy our time from February until May. In May and June we will complete our study of literature for the year with a study of Hamlet. Kindly see the Course Syllabus page for details of the texts for the year. 
        If you need to get in touch with me, my office hours are every day after school except Tuesdays, which are set aside for staff meetings.  You do not need an appointment, and I encourage you to come by and seek clarification or assistance if you need it. If the matter is more urgent, or if you are off-campus, I can be reached through email at: swise@cayintschool.edu.ky or stephen.wise@cis.ky