Familiar Strangers News and Events

The theatrical run of our film is now over and DVD sales have begun. We are still happy to provide prints of the film for special showings at Film Festivals, as a vehicle for Charity Fund Raiser Events, or just for fun.  Please contact us if you have an event in mind. 
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News and Notes
Thanks to our friends at Aspect Film Ltd and Phase 4 Films, Familiar Strangers
is now available to an ever expanding marketplace worldwide!
Our DVD release date of November 10 2009 has now passed and our film is now available through a wide variety of outlets in what ever format viewers may prefer - all over North America.  DVD's can be purchased here, through Amazon or through many other sources on the web and in stores (if it is not available in your favorite store, please ask - loudly!).  Rentals are available through your local stores, along with Netflix, Blockbuster, and Family Video, and it is also avaliable for download through many of these and other sources. 
Internationally, "Familiar Strangers" is being brought to market by Front Row Films in the Middle East and HBO Central Europe has added the film to its line-up for 2010.  We are so excited that our film has been embraced worldwide and look forward to adding to this list shortly.
 A personal Note:
The success of our film has always depended on those who love independent film.  More than ever, we must depend on word of mouth to bring worthy films to the marketplace so please be sure to tell all of your friends whenever you find a film that you love.  We hope that "Familiar Strangers" earns this priviledge.  Go ahead, send the link to this page to all of your friends with a recommendation!