On Thursday, July 27th the Tenants Protection Task force will have its first meeting. 

On Tuesday March 22nd hundreds of 


On December 22th, The Independent broke the story of City Council's action to put a Tenants Protection Ordinance on the Agenda for the upcoming year. Read about their coverage on the link below. 


On December 13th - KEYT Channel 3 News broke the story of another mass eviction on the Santa Barbara Westside by Ivy Apartments.  Read and watch the coverage on the link below. 


On Thursday October 27th -  The Santa Barbara City Council & Planning Commission held a joint meeting addressing concerns of the Average Unit Density Program.  Although we don't want to halt the only effort that has brought new rental units into the market in decades to the city, we agree with some suggested changes, including a market fee for affordable housing. 

On Wednesday Oct 19th - The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara hosted, "What is our community doing to help provide more housing for low income people?," a panel conversation, in which the work of the Rental Housing Round table was highlighted by Santa Barbara CAUSE organizer, Frank Rodriguez. 

On Sunday Oct 16th -  CLUE Santa Barbara hosted its Networking for Interfaith Solutions Workshop highlighting the work of the Rental Housing Round table.   

On Thursday Oct 6th,  KCRW and the Santa Barbara Independent hosted "Priced Out - Santa Barbara's Housing Crisis," a live broadcast discussion, and spoke on the efforts of the Rental Housing Round table to a pass tenants rights ordinance.  Several panelist spoke in favor of, and believe, a Just Cause ordinance can pass Santa Barbara City Council. 

Listen to the conversation on the picture link below (they speak on our efforts after the 40:00 minute mark) 

Also, listen to KCRW's story of eviction from one of our leaders, and our efforts to help provide tenants more protections in the picture link below.