Catherine Evans

Farming, Families, Fiction


I'm Catherine but feel free to call me Cath, lots of people do! I answer to all forms of the name.

I write stories about people and places, in regional and rural Australia. There's always a dash of science and a dollop of romance.

I love writing, reading, eating, photography, horses, dogs, swimming, the ocean and the vast plains.

I like trying to capture a moment, a feeling, a thought.

I grew up in Sydney, moved to Wagga Wagga, then Condobolin, and now live on the south coast of NSW.

I'm not terribly fond of photos, but here's one of me meeting the King Cheetah at the Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium. And yes, I was as terrified as I look! But a few moments was all it took for me to be thrilled rather than scared.

I'm a member of the Romance Writers of Australia. A more supportive bunch of people I have never met!