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How do I sign up for an Online Catawba course?

Currently enrolled CCS students interested in taking online courses should set up an appointment with their school counselor. Non-CCS students living in Catawba County School district can contact Online Catawba Director to schedule an appointment about the program.

Who are the Online Catawba instructors?

Online Catawba instructors are current full time certified teachers currently teaching in Catawba County Schools and surrounding school systems.

What grade level are students who can take Online Catawba courses?

Students in 9-12 can take any Online Catawba course where prerequisites have been met. World History, Spanish I and Spanish II will be offered to 8th grade students for high school credit.

Who can take Online Catawba courses?

Any students living in the the Catawba County School district.

How many courses can a student take?

Students can take Online Catawba courses during, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and/or 5th period in a day. Students can take a minimum of 1 course or as many as 5 courses per day.

How will parents be notified of student progress?

Teachers will provide communication to parents throughout the semester as needed. However, through Canvas and PowerSchool parents can sign up for "Parent Portal" access. Parents can then login to monitor daily student progress if desired. There are also options to sign up for notifications to your email. A printed progress report will not be sent home to parents.

How will final grades be issued?

Online Catawba will follow the same grading procedures as traditional courses. Students will receive Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, E1 and F1 grades on the same schedule as traditional students. Report cards will be issued on the same date for all students.

What is the cost of taking online classes?

Online Catawba offers its courses to Catawba County Schools' students at no cost.

Can my child take an online course if they are not a Catawba County Schools student?

Yes, the cost for online courses offered through Online Catawba is $500 per course for non-CCS students. However, if a non-CCS student would like to enroll in CCS but still take all courses online from home, he/she may do so. In this scenario, there would be no cost for these online courses. If this is the case, please contact the Online Catawba Director at 828-464-8333.

How will my child’s participation in Online Catawba affect my homeschool status?

Homeschoolers can take a class (or multiple classes) through Online Catawba. If parents pay the $500 per course, students are considered "visiting" students and can maintain homeschool status.

If a homeschool student signs up through Online Catawba so that the state pays the tuition, the student is considered an "enrolled student" .

To be eligible to participate on a high school sports team, a student must have passed three of four classes the previous semester, met promotion standards and be enrolled as a CCS student in two classes the semester they are playing a sport.

Also, if you enroll your student as a "Online Catawba Student" and want to play sports, the student then falls under the same grade/graduation rules that all NC student athletes fall under.

If I want to take all Online Catawba courses from home and not bring my child to campus is that allowed?

Yes. A student can take all courses from home. If the student was previously a homeschooler but wants to enroll in Online Catawba courses and remain at home, please contact your school of residence to speak to the Online Catawba Counselor. If you want your child to be involved in school activities, the student must become a Catawba County Schools student.

What if I can't afford Internet access service or don't have a computer?

It is required that students have access to Internet service and a computer to complete their courses. Catawba County Schools can provide a computer for students that want to take online courses during the school day while on a CCS campus. For those students who want to take online courses from home or after school off-campus, the student must have a computer with Internet access. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, contact your child’s school for on-campus options. Internet access is also available through public libraries, local fast food restaurants or other local businesses. Students who are taking other courses on our CCS campuses can access the Internet while on campus to complete online courses.

What is the length of the courses? Are full-year courses a possible option?

Courses are semester courses. Full-year courses may be an option in the future.

Regular and honors courses are 17 weeks and 1 week of exams

AP courses are 13 weeks with AP exam to follow

Will courses be available in the summer?

At this time, summer courses will not be available in Summer of 2018.

Can current Catawba County School teachers take any of the online courses with students?

At this time, online courses are only available for students. However, in the future, there could be professional development opportunities for teachers.

How will final exams be conducted?

Exams with state mandated exams will be conducted face to face. Elective (non state exam) courses will have a mandatory online exam developed by the course instructor taken during exam week.

Are there options for tutoring and/or face to face assistance?

Yes, teachers will have a required 2 1/2 hr online office hrs each week. At that time, teachers will be available to answer questions through the course, email, etc. Teachers also have the option to offer face to face assistance at their home school or a location that is convenient for all students. Teachers and students will work together to schedule the best time. Face to face assistance will be not be a requirement for the course.