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CATA members are seeking a fiscal environment that better promotes the growth of Canadian investments in new and improved technologies to their full potential from the perspectives of their firms and Canada. 

Our advocacy is shaped through research, online discussion groups and executive interview that are exploring in depth: challenges with the SR&ED program and its limitations; financing issues facing Canadian investors and businesses; and more generally, how fiscal instruments can more effectively encourage companies to grow the full potential of their innovations. 

The message that we are hearing is that Canadian governments can do better. 

There is also considerable interest in understanding best practices for dealing with the current tax and finance issues that business are encountering. 

The federal $3.5 billion SR&ED Tax Credit Incentive Program is a  focus of our efforts.  There are significant challenges to the effectiveness of the SR&ED program for many in the IT/Software sector.  CATA is looking for improvements and the identification of best practices for dealing with the current regime. 

Considerable attention is being paid to crowd funding, the financing environment in general, and the development of improved tax treatment of Canadian earnings from the exploitation of technologies.

We hope you benefit from the our Portal and encourage you to engage with us in advancing industry advocacy.

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