Launching from a Boat

Kiting off the Kimber-L in Lake Pontchartrain. 


Sometimes there is a South wind in New Orleans but not on the Mississippi coast. This requires the use of a boat to get out to steady wind.  This is our technique for launching off the foredeck of a 48 foot trawler.                                                                           Cat 5 Home Page

Some of the gear on the dock before leaving.











From this pic, you can see that one can walk completely around the decks of the Kimber-L.









Start by organizing the lines with a Line-Organizer-Thing. This is a plastic thing that has a hole for each line. The lines are run through it so each line is in its proper place. The lines are then run completely around the boat.

Inflate the kite on the foredeck and attach the lines. Hold the kite upside down.

The rider walks the bar around the boat then jumps into the water (making sure the bar is not twisted).

He then swims out perpendicular to the boat and wind. When the lines get tight the kite is held over the side of the boat and launched.

Throw the board in and he is ready to go. All he needs now is a little breeze,

After the ride.

Who says there is no place to ride on South winds in New Orleans?