Freeze Fest at Fourchon
December cold front on the Energy Coast.                                                                              Cat 5 Home Page

Lonely Port Fourchon LA with 30% of the nation's oil being pumped out in the background. (This picture was taken just before we found out you are really not allowed to drive down the beach).

Bay Champagne is about 1 inch to 1 foot deep when the tide is out. If you don't stick the landing, you stick in the mud.

Working the skim board looking for crabs. Fourchon is one of the few places in Louisiana where you can see the bottom (only because the water here is 2 inches deep).

Great day, 17-20mph, too bad it was so cold!

Oh Sh**, the water is less than one foot deep.

Real flat water riding. Plenty of wind, no waves.