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The MOST  Watched Kiteboarding Site for New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast

 Category 5 Kiteboarding is a loose group of riders in and around New Orleans and South Mississippi. The objective of this site is to let everyone know kiteboarding is alive and well in New Orleans.

 The best weather for kiting runs from September until June. Anyone traveling to New Orleans is welcome to come down and ride with us.

 We update this site regularly with current riding conditions and info on launch sites. We also send out Email blasts of the latest riding news.


Kiteboarding Report  for the Disaster Coast:

Updates are now posted on

We have also started keeping in touch using the GROUPME app. Email us if you want to join and be bombarded with thousands of kite and wind texts.

Links to the most useful sensors around the area:

  • BWYC            Waveland and Henderson
  • WEST END     Bonnabel, West End, and UNO.
  • NOYC              NOYC Weather Page
  • MDOT              Webcam on the Bay St Louis Bridge

Support LPBF. They are helping us with water access on Lake Pontchartrain

Gulfport Board Sports has expanded their inventory. Give them a call and pick up your new gear on the same day! Tell them you ride with Cat 5. Check it out:

Riding on the Gulf Coast

  1. If it blows...go.  If you see a 15+kt forecast for SE breeze on the coast, take a sick day.  The best days are never Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Consider Grand Isle or Dauphin Island. Sometimes you need to drive a little.
  3. Plan a kite trip. The number of ridable days increases as the temperatures decrease. Sometimes you need to ride where it's warm. If you plan a kite trip, it will almost certainly be windy exactly when you plan to travel. At least those of us staying behind will get to ride.
  4. Watch for Gulf lows. Sometimes you get a great storm session on the Mississippi Coast.

Kiting at West End... Check the wind, wait an hour, check the wind, wait an hour...repeat. If you wait long enough you might get to ride, Robbie's video at West End


 Click on any picture to see a bigger version.

 Henderson Point Jan 5, 2008

Silver Slipper Beach (good on any wind without any West in it)
  • Lots of new people have been showing up.  We would like to add everyone to the Riders page. Please get a picture to us.
  • Get on our email blast list for the latest info on where the group is setting up to ride:EMAIL BLAST   
  • Disclaimer:  This report is only an opinion of C5K based on the observations of multiple weather forecasting websites.  This is only to give you an idea of what the weather might be around the area.  If you want truly accurate to the wind gods or go out and see if you can kite it yourself (then call everyone else)!


  The Weather

It's not Maui here. Forget trying to ride your 12m every day. You need to plan to RIG-BIG. The most important thing to understand about the weather on the Northern Gulf Coast is the wind is best between late September and May. Early Fall and into Winter you get either SE or N depending on cold fronts. Spring brings more flow from the S and SE. June through mid-September it's light. There is some possibility to ride during the summer, but the flow is less. Sometimes low pressure systems bring spectacular winds in Summer.


 "It is gonna take something a little stronger than a little oil to keep us from kiting here!"

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