Work Order

Welcome to the SchoolDude Work Request System

Submitting Your First Work Request

NOTE:  Your account information is not saved until you COMPLETE your first work request. You will have to reenter account information if you use a different computer than your originating workstation.      

1.     Create a “Requester” Account

  • Go to
  • Follow the “New Requester” prompts.
  • Enter Castilleja’s organization account number: 1794815488

In order to prevent unauthorized use, please do not share the account number. Your cooperation is appreciated. 

  • The system will automatically take you to the login page for Castilleja.

2.     Login

  • Enter your email address.
  • The "Work Request" page will appear. This webpage serves as your home page for to enter future work requests.

3.     Follow Prompts

  • This completes the process for entering a work request.
    • Enter submittal password: gators

4.     Short Training video


MaintenanceDirect is our online maintenance work request (work order) management system. This online program is for submitting and checking the status of maintenance work. MaintenanceDirect automates communication between the Requesters and the Maintenance Department.