My name is Heather Allen Pang. I went to Castilleja in the 1980s, and since 1999 I have been teaching in the History Department. I teach History 8, American History, required for all 8th graders at Castilleja School. Projects from History 8 can be found here.

I am also the Castilleja school Archivist.

I have two children, my daughter is a Castilleja graduate and a student at Occidential College, my son attends Design Tech High School. My husband is a futurist, and the author of The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues, and Destroying Your Soul and Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less.

Finished scale cut-outs of skyscrapers from 8th graders. Each student learned to use Inkscape and the Laser Cutter to create a scale model (1"=35') of their building. In addition to the tech skills (which they will need later for the Monuments Project) we were able to consider the impact of skyscrapers and new construction technology on American cities.
WASC Steering Committee Faculty Member 2014

Presentation at FabLearn 2013

Summer Grant Projects: 8th Grade iPad pilot team and 8th grade history textbook authoring for the iPad. (Summer 2012 and Summer 2013)

Sabbatical Spring 2011

Archivist Workshop: Historical Photographs in a Digital World

iPad group 2010-11

SummerCore team 2010

Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute Peer Facilitator 2010 and 2011

Fall 2009 Apple teacher training group at Casti

BATC Department Chairs Workshops (2007-08 and 2008-09)

SummerCore 2008 and as a teaching assistant in 2009

Oxbridge Cambridge Teachers Seminar 2007

Williamsburg Teachers Institute 2008

Value Tensions Video