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Google Early Adopter Newsletter #3

posted May 29, 2009, 11:20 AM by Matthew Montagne   [ updated May 29, 2009, 12:50 PM ]
T-Minus 16 Days and Counting!
It is hard to believe, but we are a little more than 14 days away from our community's full transition to our new mail space and collaboration environment. Please encourage your fellow colleagues to at least sign into the environment to become familiar with their new mail work space. If anyone needs 1-1 support, we're here to provide it. Setting up your new mail environment to receive mail from Firstclass only takes a few minutes and we're happy to help with that process at any time.  

Also, we're noticing more and more students transitioning to the new mail space, which is great. We even worked with a student this week to get her iPhone configured to receive and send mail. Very cool!  Please encourage students to check out the early adopter screencast and to be prepared for the transition.

Google Wave is Making Waves!
The Internet was buzzing on Thursday of this week with Google's release of the news regarding their "Google Wave" platform. While we have no idea about whether or not this interface will be coming to the Castilleja Google Mail/Apps network at any time in the future, we are quite excited about some of the innovative collaboration concepts featured in this new platform. For more information on Google Wave, check out Mashable's nice overview or view the embedded video below.

Google JumpStart Sessions - Thanks to all who attended
We offered two Jumpstart sessions over lunch on Wednesday of this week. We had a total of six people attend the sessions where we gave a quick little overview of the mail interface. With the school year winding down, we will not offer repeats of these sessions. We will, however, offer a two hour hands-on workshop at some point during the week of June 15th. More details on this workshop will be sent out early next week.


A Note to Summercore 2009 Attendees
June 15th is a big day for us here at Castilleja. We know that this is the day that everyone will begin receiving and sending their email from a new interface. June 15th also happens to be the day that Summercore 2009 begins. We urge ALL Summercore 2009 attendees to be up and running in the new mail space at least a couple of days prior to the 15th. Our Summercore facilitators rely on the first day of Summercore for setting the stage for an effective week of professional development and we do not have the time to introduce participants to the mail interface for the first time on this opening day.

Little Diversion - Courtesy of Terry Tate
Well, preparing for this process has been fun, but it hasn't been without a certain amount of frustration and challenge. Steve posted the following video over at the video sharing portion of our network a few weeks ago. It was quite a gut buster around The Office and we're hoping it privides you with a bit of a diversion as well. What do you think, should we hire Terry here at Castilleja?? 

Thank you for your suggestions!
Thanks to the feedback of some of our early adopters, we've added text/image based directions to each one of our screencasts. We do know that our chief screencaster has the tendency to drone on a bit, so we added these directions for those members of our community who do not want to sit through the full length YouTube screencasts to get up and running. Speaking of feedback, we created a "Virtual Suggestion Box" here at this site as another way for you to contribute your suggestions for helping us build a successful transition. We've never transitioned email platforms before, so your thoughts and ideas about this process are highly coveted!