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C. Asia


Map work:
Your text book has an interactive map site.  Another helpful site for maps, and finally one site on the Ming.  Here are the blank maps for your use.

First Web Assignment: Religions website & worksheet

Second Web Assignment:
China: Web Sites in the order they appear on your China web "fill-in" sheet

< http://castinet.castilleja.org/users/pmckee/chineseart/Ming-art.html >
Chinese Exploration 
Worksheet and Youtube video (scroll to 2:41)

YouTube Video

Zheng He

Worksheet and Youtube video

YouTube Video

Intro to Japan

YouTube Video

worksheet & Youtube video scroll to 21:07

YouTube Video

Test Preparation
review sheet
Objective sections: Textbook site (use the Multiple Choice quiz to test your mastery, you should be able to answer 1-18), to help with geography, help each other with idents (remember Mrs. McKee's list). Ms. Story's sample quiz.
Map: Here are the blank maps for your use. Map Quiz on Japan on China
Essay preparation: Per 2, Per 4

Helpful Resources: The sites below are helpful but option (optional means exactly that ... optional)

  •  introduction to great wall video
  • Columbia's site on Ming
  • Columbia's site on Document based history
  • Digital History site on Zheng He
  • An excellent source of information and to review the Ming Dynasty is Mrs. McKee's site which reinforces information in BZ about the three important Ming rulers
  • (the Hongwu, Yongle, and Wanli emperors)
  • An excellent source of information on the Qing Dynasty is Mrs. McKee's site which reinforces information in BZ about the Manchu Conquest of China and the Qing variations on Chinese/Confucian traditions; of particular interest are the descriptions of the two great Qing Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong; focus on these two rulers because they are the most important and because BZ emphasizes them. Skip over the other rulers and rest of the site.